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Audience Insights

We can help you inform your media planning strategy by analyzing your audience across the web. Whether your audience is on social, forums or specialist sites, our data team can gather and analyze the data you need.

  • Uncover hidden passions in your audience

    TopicDNA's proprietary knowledge graph enables us to find the interests of your audience outside of your core business. This allows you to better understand their lifestyle so you can better serve them.

  • Compare and benchmark audiences

    You can compare your audiences against your competitor's audience or even your industry as a whole.

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Influencer Insights

Discover, validate and measure the influencers before and after campaigns.

  • Find the influencers that fit your brand

    TopicDNA analyzes an influencer's audience to determine if their audience is interested in the same things that you are promoting.

  • Measure the ROI on your influencer campaigns

    TopicDNA can track and measure how well your influencers campaigns are doing in real-time.

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Content Insights

TopicDNA uses best-in-class AI image models to detect the context of an image and what it contains.

  • AI-powered Image Analysis

    TopicDNA uses advanced AI visual models to label and categorize your content. If your visual media is niche, we can create custom models for you.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    Calculate the engagement rate of your posts and find out what your share of voice is. Compare your content to your competitors on a variety of dimensions.

  • Qualitative Analysis

    Understand the "why" behind the engagement. We find the underlying patterns behind the content that work for your audience.

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One of the most trusted and outstanding NextTECHnow partners. They have repeatedly demonstrated their impressive and effecive tech capabilities.

Devora Mateeva
Devora Mateeva
Manager, NextTECHnow, Publicis Media

It's been great to see TopicDNA's growth, working with incredible companies across a number of different verticals. Their platform is incredibly powerful and should be a no-brainer for all social-led campaigns.

Chris Anandan
Chris Anandan
Director, MediaCom BLINK

We are super impressed by TopicDNA. Their ability to mine for audience adjacencies and affinities at an individual level can be the layer of insight that makes the difference to overall engagement with your audience.

Rebecca Sykes
Rebecca Sykes
CEO, MoFilm

The TopicDNA team have showcased incredible expertise and enthusiasm to resolve agency/client challenges, which has made them well known across the NTN Network – a true pleasure to work with!

Jim Kite
Jim Kite
Global Head, NextTECHnow, Publicis Media

TopicDNA is really useful in pulling out additional audience insights that you cannot get from TGI, giving us a differentiated advantage from other agencies.

Mabel Chan
Mabel Chan
Senior Planning Executive, Spark Foundry

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