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Optimize every stage
of your social ad campaign

Our platform follows this 4-step process to ensure that your campaigns are always working at peak efficiency and the learnings can be applied to your next campaign.

Our ABC audit report gives you always-on recommendations

TopicDNA works 24/7 and is always ready for recommendations for your campaigns. We give you recommendations for the 3 most important parts of your campaigns: Audience, Budget and Creative.

Audience Optimization

We create high-performing audiences for you to use in your campaigns. Our technology unearths the best interest-based targeting criteria to help you find the most relevant people.

Budget Optimization

We can help you save up to 20% of your social ad budget by adjusting your ad spend to the campaigns our AI predicts will achieve the highest results.

Creative Optimization

We analyze the creative for your current campaigns to determine what works and what doesn't for emojis and text length.

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