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Understanding people isour passion

The science behind everything we do starts from our unique profiling technology of individuals and their interests and behaviours on social.

We’ve categorized every social account on the web using our multi-layer taxonomy.

We created unique profiling technology that analyzes people’s social interests and behaviours in real-time, then structure this data so that it is actionable.

This data is then mapped onto our proprietary knowledge graph of interests to uncover unique audience segments.

Our taxonomy has 23 top level topics (like a DNA strand) and each one breaks down about 2-3 levels deep for more granularity.

We have over 1000 overall topics, with over 200 personas.

Uncover AudienceInsights

We then aggregate this individual data up to an aggregate level to draw insights for unique audience segments that our technology surfaces.

We can find people who love listening to hip-hop, reading travel magazines or love the professional bowling league due to our data granularity.

Our philosophy is if our understanding of an individual is accurate, then our aggregate audience level understanding is also accurate.

Over 1 billion+ data points

The TopicDNA Knowledge Graph is your secret weapon for deeper audience understanding.


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