Our Story

We believe that digital marketing should be easier than it is now, and this core belief drives us as a company to create tools that help you optimize your audiences and run effective campaigns with less effort.

This mission started when our CEO, Andrew, began his PhD studies at the University of Manchester.

Having grown up with a love of music as a DJ and musician, Andrew was frustrated at the fact that despite all of the data that music companies have on our listening habits, he would still receive Christmas music recommendations in March. Along with his brother and now CTO David, they built a recommendation engine that detected a person's environment and paired that with their previous listening history to generate highly personalized playlists for that exact moment.

After meeting a like-minded CCO, Jason ― a former music producer ― they realized that this same music recommendation technology could be applied to social media data and help brands answer questions about their audience's interests and behaviours and inform social media campaigns at scale and depth.

This is how we ended up in the ad-tech space, working with global brands and agencies providing them with unique audience insights into their current and potential customers, and helping their media planners and strategists cut down their research not by days, but by weeks.

Our mission has seen us assemble a highly talented team of marketers, engineers and data scientists that obsesses over data categorization and statistical analysis so you don't have to.

We also know that insights are meaningless without action, so we use this information in social advertising by informing our clients of the best audience to target. We've been able to save our users between 40-60 hours each month by automating the execution and optimization of their social ads and also make their daily work a whole lot easier in the process.

Our mission is to save our partners time, increase their ad performance and save our partners money.