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Creating LinkedIn Audiences in TopicDNA

Posted on October 30, 2020

At TopicDNA, we try to add as many social ad platform integrations as possible to help you find new customers faster and more cost efficiently. We launched an integration with Snapchat last week, to add to our stable of platforms alongside Facebook/Instagram and Twitter. But today, the B2B marketing crowd will be very happy with what we’re announcing!

You can now easily create LinkedIn audiences through TopicDNA! Did you know that 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn? And that 4 out of 5 users on that platform hold a business decision making position? This is what the audience looks like in the platform:

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

It follows the same process as creating ads for the other social networks on our platform. Let’s walk through the 3 steps after pressing the “Add Campaign Details” button:

1. Add your campaign details

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

Use the dropdown boxes to choose all of your campaign details such as your ad account and the existing campaign that you want to create this ad set in. Complete the process by clicking the “Add Campaign Details” button. You’ll then be able to see the estimated reach this audience will hit on LinkedIn.

2. Review your details

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

Before you send this audience to LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, we want to make sure that everything looks correct. So review it by pressing the “Review Ad Set” button and it will bring up a screen to let you know what you’ll be sending into LinkedIn.

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

If everything looks good, press the “Create Ad Set” button.

3. Send to LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

Once the ad set is created, you can view the audience in LinkedIn by pressing the button “View on LinkedIn”. This will take you into the Campaign Manager where you can activate it for your ads campaign.

Snapchat ads audience defined in TopicDNA

It’s that easy!

Read this article to understand why LinkedIn is such a valuable platform to advertise on for B2B marketers and then why don’t you try it yourself on TopicDNA! 📈🎯

Andrew Ko

Written by Andrew Ko. Follow me on Twitter.

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