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3 Easy Tricks for Creating Facebook Audiences

Posted on September 14, 2020

One of the most important things when setting up your Facebook ad campaigns is figuring out who you want to target.

Facebook gives an insane amount of options to choose from when you’re entering in the Detailed Targeting field (over 6 million in fact!), but with that many interests how do you know which ones to choose?

Facebook audience detailed targeting selection

I know there are a lot of blogs out there that say the first thing you need to do is to build a customer persona. Essentially, try to figure out who your ideal customer is and what kind of characteristics they might have such as age, gender, location, interests and stage of life.

You’ll probably already have an age, gender and location that you would like to target in your mind already so they will be easy to enter. The interests of your audience, however, is where most of the thinking occurs. You could do your own primary or even secondary research, however, this takes time and effort (a LOT of time and effort) and, to be honest, not many people have the luxury of either of those right now.

I’ll show you a few handy tricks that will help cut down on the time it takes to create audiences so you can get your campaigns up and running faster.

Let’s start with an example. If you’re selling cosmetics products online then the people you’re likely trying to reach should be interested in beauty and fashion. The trick is to think about some publications in this space that you could enter into Facebook.

I usually use Google to find these.

Facebook audience inspiration with Google search

Now just pick two or three of these magazines to enter into the Detailed Targeting field. Just remember, that you might not be able to find all of them in Facebook, due to the fact that not all Facebook Pages are represented as interests.

Also, make sure you pick the right ones! Sometimes, you can choose people who work for Elle magazine as denoted by “Employers” at the end. You want to make sure you pick the ones that say “Interests”.

Facebook audience select the right interest

After searching for and choosing the magazines, your field should look something like this:

Facebook audience interest list

You could end there, but at TopicDNA we’ve found that it’s best to input at least 6 - 10 interests to get the best reach vs. results.

Let’s try another trick. In addition to the magazines that your target audience probably reads, they will definitely follow influencers/blogs in this space as well. You can now Google the fashion and beauty influencers to find the ones you can enter into Facebook.

Beauty influencer Google search

Again, not all of the people on this list might show up in Facebook search and you might have to settle for smaller companies/brands/publications that act like influencers.

If you’re really out of luck, just enter in more magazines! But, if you did try to enter in all of these influencer names, this is the list you should end up with:

Facebook audience beauty magazines and influencers

The final trick is to think of some famous companies that sell similar products to yours (in this case, cosmetics), so you can Google that too and find companies such as L’Oreal, Max Factor and Shiseido. Your final target list should look like this:

Facebook audience beauty magazines and influencers

Now you’re ready to launch your campaign!

These tricks will work for any industry and product, such as the following:

Craft Beer

  • Industry: Food & Drink / Alcoholic Beverages
  • Beer Publications: Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, Draft Magazine, Beer Connoisseur Magazine
  • Beer Influencers/Blogs: All About Beer, Brew Your Own
  • Companies: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., New Belgium Brewing Co., D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc.

Women’s Clothing

  • Industry: Style and Fashion
  • Fashion Publications: InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Allure
  • Fashion Influencers/Blogs: Chiara Ferragni, Camila Coelho, Lauren Conrad
  • Clothing Companies: Zara, H&M, COS


When building out an audience persona to target on Facebook, the three questions you should ask yourself when building audiences are:

  1. What magazines would my target audience read?
  2. What influencers/blogs would they be following?
  3. What other companies sell similar products to mine?

Then use Google to find the answers.

Happy audience building! 🚀

Andrew Ko

Written by Andrew Ko. Follow me on Twitter.

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