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Take control of your
Facebook ad campaigns

TopicDNA enables you to easily create interest-based prospecting audiences to help you find new customers quickly and more cost-effectively.

more effective across key performance metrics
more efficient across key cost metrics
average savings for our clients

We've A/B tested our platform with global brands and agencies and the results speak for themselves.


TopicDNA empowers Facebook marketers to scale their sales funnel and reach more of the right people than ever before.

Find your ideal
customer faster

Get deeper insights to target your ideal customer using our proprietary TopicDNA Knowledge Graph.

Optimize and scale
campaigns effortlessly

Our AI-assisted algorithm provides one-click recommendations for your campaigns.

Do more
in less time

Use schedule or trigger-based rules to automate mundane tasks and save time.

Deeper audience insights

TopicDNA uncovers data patterns and valuable nuances in your audience that can boost the performance of any campaign.

  • Powered by the TopicDNA Knowledge Graph

    Our proprietary knowledge graph of 1B+ entities allows us to make connections in your existing audiences to help you expand your targeting and find new, hyper-relevant audiences.

  • Automate your audience targeting

    TopicDNA can automatically A/B test multiple variations of your acquisition audience to find the right one before scaling your campaigns.

Smarter campaigns

Monitoring and updating your campaigns can be time-consuming and repetitive. TopicDNA surfaces actionable recommendations in real-time that you can apply at the touch of a button.

  • Performance Budget Optimization

    Our AI algorithm automatically recommends budget changes that adjust once you approve them so the top performing campaigns get more of your ad spend, boosting overall results.

  • Always-On Recommendations

    TopicDNA continuously monitors your campaigns 24/7 and suggests actions that you can apply to maximize the performance of your ads.

Trusted by the world's leading brands and agencies

Milani Cosmetics
Publicis Media Group
Queen's Commonwealth Trust


One of the most trusted and outstanding NextTECHnow partners. They have repeatedly demonstrated their impressive and effecive tech capabilities.

Devora Mateeva
Devora Mateeva
Manager, NextTECHnow, Publicis Media

It's been great to see TopicDNA's growth, working with incredible companies across a number of different verticals. Their platform is incredibly powerful and should be a no-brainer for all social-led campaigns.

Chris Anandan
Chris Anandan
Director, MediaCom BLINK

We are super impressed by TopicDNA. Their ability to mine for audience adjacencies and affinities at an individual level can be the layer of insight that makes the difference to overall engagement with your audience.

Rebecca Sykes
Rebecca Sykes
CEO, MoFilm

The TopicDNA team have showcased incredible expertise and enthusiasm to resolve agency/client challenges, which has made them well known across the NTN Network – a true pleasure to work with!

Jim Kite
Jim Kite
Global Head, NextTECHnow, Publicis Media

TopicDNA is really useful in pulling out additional audience insights that you cannot get from TGI, giving us a differentiated advantage from other agencies.

Mabel Chan
Mabel Chan
Senior Planning Executive, Spark Foundry

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